The Miniatureworld Painting Contest

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The Miniatureworld Painting Contest

Post by KingUlrikFlamebeard » 3 Dec 2005, o 02:29

Maybe not a major thing but some nice stuff there -


I entered and now... kinda wish I had not looking at the quality there. There is some extremely good stuff on view, oh and there's also entry from a Eavy Metal team member - Darran Lantham. I am proud to say that I see my stuff is not completely out of place among the models there, it is my first contest and well... I have done myself proud I feel.


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Chest of Colors
Chest of Colors
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Post by Demi_morgana » 3 Dec 2005, o 08:40

looks like Tim (tidoco2222) dominated this contest :D
it's nice to see orc regiment from the tale again :wink:

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Needs more explanation
Needs more explanation
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Post by Skrit » 3 Dec 2005, o 17:44

Nice. I never heard of this contest before, I'll keep my eye on the next one!

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