Adasko's Dark Angels

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Adasko's Dark Angels

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Now its my turn to start my own Tale!
I thought I've quited playing wh40k because of GW politics, but i really miss meeting friends and playing with some plastic soldiers. ;)
I always liked Dark Angels artworks and this whole "unforgiven" stuff (blah blah blah...) and then BOOM! - the wild new starter set appears and I have no choice :mrgreen:

What do I have at the moment:
-2x Chapter Master
-2x Librarian
-10x Deathwing Terminators
-20x Tactical Marines
-6x Bikers
-Limited Interrogator Chaplain :dance:
(just double Dark Angels from the starter set)

What do I'm going to have in my army
-Chapter Master
-Some Deatwing or Ravenwing hero
-2 tactical squad with rhinos
-2-3 Deatwing squads
-Some Ravewing support (bikers and land speeder maybe)
-Land Raider
-Some Dreadnought or two

I just want to have all minis painted for gaming purposes, so I'm going to buy 3 Idea sprays (a black-, a creamy- and green one) and try to do quick, simple but acceptable-lookin' paitjob on them.

Let's do this!

(btw: sorry for my english, I just hope there is some way you can get what i mean :) )
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Re: Adasko's Dark Angels

Post by Nameless »

and finally we have a new tale :) good luck! keep us updated
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Re: Adasko's Dark Angels

Post by Hellspawn »

GL on the new ToG :)
Nameless wrote:and finally we have a new tale :) good luck! keep us updated
Well, I resurrected mine who was dead for like 8 months, it's nearly a new one too :dance:
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Re: Adasko's Dark Angels

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Good luck with your tale! Show us your pile of unpainted Dark Angels, it will be nice to watch it at the end when it's all painted :)
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