`s Hell Dorado les Immortels

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Re:`s Hell Dorado les Immortels

Post by Nameless » 21 Sep 2012, o 09:08

another great warband, I like them :)
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Re:`s Hell Dorado les Immortels

Post by Hellspawn » 21 Sep 2012, o 09:47

Very nice looking band, I like them. Simple but effective :)
Will look great on a table.
The only thing that you should maybe had taken into consideration is that for playing, the height of the models are used (for cover etc), so unless it's just for show and not for playing, you'll prolly have issues with that hehehe (but that's just a minor detail)

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Re:`s Hell Dorado les Immortels

Post by arctica » 22 Sep 2012, o 22:32

These look so good together :) and each one is great individually. The bright colours work for me ! :D

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