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Re: Hellspawn's Salamanders

Posted: 11 Oct 2013, o 09:28
by Nameless

Re: Hellspawn's Salamanders

Posted: 16 Mar 2014, o 03:53
by Hellspawn
Sadly no, still no pictures or work on my minis to show, since, basically, I haven't done any single stuff on my minis since last year (nearly to the day).

So...why am I posting in my ToG thread? Well, yesterday I was playing online and talked with another player who happened to also be an old Warhammer player. We talked about paintings, games etc, and at some point I showed him my minis.
Surprisingly enough, he found them more than decent for gaming minis.

Now, back to my original thought. At some point, I told him that I couldn't really find the motivation to paint minis, mostly cause, (no, having too much minis isn't a valid reason cause you never have too much of those) I wasn't really happy with the way I was working on my minis.

Yes, most of people say that my minis are ok, but sometimes, I think that, even if they're simple, they require me to do too much work.
At the moment, I have the undercoat, one base layer, then three shadows layers and three highlights.
Considering I'm only looking to have gaming minis for a pure gaming purpose, not minis that will be exposed or look like real (thus, no battle damage, no pigments for mud, etc), I think that I should just make things way more simple, ie, undercoat, one layer, also meaning that I'd have to strip my minis and repaint them.

Of course, I'll give a shot by doing some testing, but I'm trying to find a way to motivate myself to paint my army again.

Though, before I undertake anything, I need your opinion guys, what do you think? Should I give it a try, or should I keep this the way they are and hope that I'll find my motivation again to work on my minis the way I'm doing at the moment?

Thanks for your feedback.

Re: Hellspawn's Salamanders

Posted: 16 Mar 2014, o 09:57
Although it is great to have a nicely painted army, it is mre important to just have a painted army :) quality drop that is what I did recently with mny escher tale, just to finish last 5 girls. You can always return and add more shadows/hihglights in the futre if zou wuld find motivation, plus there will always be comming new miniatures for space marines!

Maybe try to paint any other non salamander mini? Just to get one single piece finished.

Re: Hellspawn's Salamanders

Posted: 16 Mar 2014, o 12:54
by Demi_morgana
Go for it!
Miniatures do not like being unpainted :)

Re: Hellspawn's Salamanders

Posted: 16 Mar 2014, o 14:19
by Ariakas
The way you paint isn't that taxing on motivation (we're talking layers with an airbrush here, not paintbrush layering), however you do need to streamline it more.
What killed your motivation last year is starting at the same time 3 huge landraiders while just having finished more green salamanders.
Quality of painting has nothing to do here and dropping it would be a mistake in my opinion, especially when you try to progress on your skills.

I would however give you the same final advice Seaman gave you, if painting salamanders isn't giving you enough motivation then pick a single mini from another range and work on it, from start to finish.

Re: Hellspawn's Salamanders

Posted: 16 Mar 2014, o 19:32
by Hellspawn
Yeah, starting too many things at the same time wasn't perhaps the best idea ever, but this idea I have had been there already for a long time, even before I started the Land Raiders.

Yes, it's just airbrush layers, so it can be done quickly enough, but it's just that when I look at minis, and even more at the Land Raiders, I can't stop thinking that the way they're made is odd, something is wrong.

When I look on various blogs (talking here about gaming blogs, not blogs made by professionnal painters), I like the minis they're making, cause the final colour render is one colour, while when I look at my minis, I see multiples tones and I think I never really like that.
I don't care about battle damage, pigments, cause I want my minis to be simple, not look real. This is why, I think, the idea grew up and keep growing.

Of course, starting another kind of mini could as well help for picking up the brushes again, but I think that regarding the Salamanders, I won't be able to pick again the army until I made my mind regarding what I wanna do.

One thing that I'll do for sure is, give a try on one or two minis, to see if the render I get on those match the expectations I have.

Re: Hellspawn's Salamanders

Posted: 17 Mar 2014, o 12:40
by Ariakas
From what i read from your post and what i remember from the tanks, what you find wrong is either lightning positioning and/or blending colors together.
If i remember well, you wanted to achieve strong contrasts (à la bubu) and you did, but the transitions were a bit odd that's a blending issue.

What i would do is take a random simple mini and work on the bases, like we did on the painting class we took, aim to get an acceptable level then work on streamlining the process to make it work on an army sized project.

(Sorry for the french : tu ne peux pas mettre la charrue avant les boeufs, il te faut améliorer tes techniques de base pour les rendre plus simples et efficaces, mais si tu ne les maitrises pas assez, tu n'arriveras pas à obtenir le rendu visuel que tu veux. Chercher à faire simple c'est très bien, arriver à avoir un rendu simple, en général ça vient d'une maitrise parfaite de la technique.)

Re: Hellspawn's Salamanders

Posted: 17 Mar 2014, o 13:35
why are all your pictures gone?

Re: Hellspawn's Salamanders

Posted: 17 Mar 2014, o 18:12
by Hellspawn wrote:why are all your pictures gone?
I reorganised my online folder and deleted some of the pictures. I'll post something again once I'll have something to show :)

Re: Hellspawn's Salamanders

Posted: 18 Mar 2014, o 11:48
by Nameless
painting should be fun. so, don't do anything that is not fun.
you're ok with 1 layer? paint 1 layer.
you're ok with dipping? dip
you're ok GD level only? go for pro paintjobs with every single mini.

what are your priorities? best looking army ever? just a painted army? how much time do you have? will you play with your army at all? do you really need this army?
Answer these (and other) questions and go with what you decide is important for you.

I wanted to have a painted army knowing that I wouldn't use it. So I painted one, forgetting about the quality. I don't have time and patience to paint a whole army to a high quality. I knew that. I drybrushed mine. And there you go, I made my old dream come true. I can practice painting skills on my single minis.

Why don't you paint one non-salamander mini, just to try to get back in the swing? Maybe that will bring some motivation to painting in general.
As for salamanders - if I were you, I'd leave finished minis as they are and tried to find a simpler/quicker way for further models. Or drop the project if you don't really need this army