Do you still remember that some people use miniatures for gaming?

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Post by MiSiU » 18 Sep 2007, o 09:24

Yeah, but where's the fun in that? One of the most enjoyable things in Gorkamorka is models falling off vehicle, getting bruised. Especially with oryginal GorkaMorka bases which are small and far from "stable".
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Post by Nameless » 18 Sep 2007, o 09:35

dunno MiSiU :)
but I'm sure that you are aware of the fact, that if rules refer directly to size of models, than there will be a group of players taking advantage of it
E.g. if line of sight is determined by taking measurements on table only, some ppl will cut (sorry, convert :roll:) their largest models (wraithlord, demon), so that it can be hidden behind the smallest bush.
if size of a trukk determines amount of models that could be transported, some ppl will create a multi-floor monster-trukks.
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Post by Darkson » 5 Oct 2007, o 20:00

I just picked up the rules off of Ebay. Looking forward to getting a game in soon. :D

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