[B] Freebooter LIM 003 Ancient Princess & other Freebooter

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[B] Freebooter LIM 003 Ancient Princess & other Freebooter

Post by Telenaut » 20 Apr 2015, o 09:54

i´m looking for:

1.) Freebooter Miniature "Ancient Princess" LIM 003 (MiniArtCon etc.)

2.) Freebooter´s Fate Miniatures (good painted)

3. ) and also for the limited ones:
LIM 001 - 011 (like Freebooter Girl, Ancient Princess, Gipsy, Qualani .........and some more)
WEI 001-005
VIC #9

4.) Legends with Strechgoals from Indiegogo like (Raven , Balfour, Ixchelcoatl, Cerebro.....and some more)

So if your Minis stood for decades gathering dust somewhere in a secluded spot, please contact me

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Re: [B] Freebooter LIM 003 Ancient Princess & other Freeboot

Post by Nameless » 27 Jul 2015, o 16:35

I might have this one somewhere here.
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Still in blister, not touched
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