[S] Neon Acrylic Round Profiles

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[S] Neon Acrylic Round Profiles

Post by Pinselknecht » 22 Aug 2012, o 11:07

Hi folks,

PK-PRO has some new Stuff for you :)

Their new transparent neon acrylic round profiles. They are 2.40 mm in diameter and 25 cm long. So if someone of yours is going to make a extraordenary robot warrior army, this stuff is made for you :)

ImageClick to see full-sized image



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Re: [S] Neon Acrylic Round Profiles

Post by Barton » 25 Aug 2012, o 05:09

Neat, I like this product, robots are a interest of mine.
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Re: [S] Neon Acrylic Round Profiles

Post by Pandadosmares » 28 Aug 2012, o 15:58

one thing i must say their shop has some very nice things and they are fast to ship :clap:

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