Guidelines for the marketplace

Here you can sell, buy, exchange minis, etc.

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Guidelines for the marketplace

Post by mahon » 24 Nov 2005, o 12:14

Several words of explanation as for this section:

One has unnecessary minis and wants to part with them? One is looking for a certain mini? You want another mini in exchange? Or maybe a pot of paint? Or you prefer cash?
It's up to you...

Anyway, treat this forum as an announcement-board for such matters.
We dont act as middlemen in such transactions - arrange them by yourselves. We're not responsible for your satisfaction or lack of it - we only offer you the place for your announcements. :)

Guidelines for writing your posts:
  • buying:
    subject: Dwarfs means you want to buy dwarfs
  • selling:
    subject: [S] Goblins means you want to sell goblins
  • exchanging:
    subject: [X] Elves means you want to swap elves for something else
and so on...

We'd have only one more request. If you decide that the subject is finished (eg. you sold your mini, or found what you wanted), please add another post requesting the thread to be locked..
Thanks lots! :)
-- Mahoń


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