Specific qustion about airbrush painting

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Specific qustion about airbrush painting

Post by meecham63 » 15 Mar 2014, o 00:38

Hi guys, I have a very specific question,and I hope somebody would be able to help me.

I plan to paint an Imperial Knight using the Griffith house color Scheme. I would like to know if somebody can indicate me which color, from the Vallejo Airbrush serie, would fit with the ``light`` cream white of the armor parts.

Thank you guys !

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Re: Specific qustion about airbrush painting

Post by Pandadosmares » 17 Mar 2014, o 12:32

you can check here compatibility list

i would go for Buff (976) as it seems its a bleached bone

http://www.dakkadakka.com/wiki/en/Paint ... lity_Chart

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