Genestealer theme

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Genestealer theme

Post by Ramesses » 21 Dec 2011, o 18:03

This is kind of inspiration about models with a nod towards the game of 40k.

I am looking to do a genestealer themed army for 40k - ONLY using genestealers. 1500-2000 points.

i need a bit of advise or suggestions - some inspiration if you like ...

Hive Tyrant - using an Inquisitor sized Inquisitor ( probably covenant ) with either a bald head OR a robed head

Warriors - Inquisitor Genestealers ( i am lucky enough to have 9 of these )

Genestealers - err genestealers. The old space hult models, the new space hulk models and the new mulitpart kits.

What about using genestealer hybrids as 'termagants' ? the genestealer fimilars as rippers ? Anything from the 'epic' range ? The old Patriachs and Magus ??? However the cost of using some of these are getting prohibitivily expensive ...

What i am looking for is a replacement broodlords as i HATE the offical GW model - i seem to have a couple of them and i cant bring myself to use them as they stand . I have a couple of the Space Hulk broodlord that arent bad - or is there anything i can do to the offical GW broodlord ? maybe someone has some converions ...

so any feedback welcome - i havent put this in the gaming section as this is NOT a competitive army - more of a modelling project.

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