TalonRaven's WIP Projects!

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Post pictures and discussions regarding works in progress here, please. If you have photos of these works when they're completed, feel free to post them to the right section and feel free to add the link in your post about the work in progress.
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TalonRaven's WIP Projects!

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Greetings all, I'm a wannabe miniature painter xD Been paintin' for a while now and I'm on the look out for ways to improve my painting and stuff. While I paint mainly for gaming, I do like to put in some extra effort into each of my works.

Here I'll be putting up some of my WIP shots and some of my thoughts when I was paintin' the piece as I go along. Comments and advice would be greatly appreciated xD

Below is the current project that I am working on:

Chaos Space Marines Havocs with Autocannons
47721_10151189216051439_380996479_n by TalonRaven, on Flickr

I will be uploading more shots when I get home.
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