Blood Angels Combat Squad WIP

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Blood Angels Combat Squad WIP

Post by appiah4 » 29 Dec 2012, o 03:01


I've been a lurker and reader on this forum for a long time. Some of the works people can do is nothing sort of amazing, and to be honest quite intimidating so I never posted before.. But today I figured, why not, maybe I'll learn something from criticism rather than watching what others are doing.

Anyway, so I wanted to share with you kind folks the first half of a tactical squad I'm painting to get some feedback on my painting and what to improve.

ImageClick to see full-sized image

They are yet unbased, hence why I posted in WIPs forum.. I will base them when all ten are complete :)

Looking forward to hear your comments and advice!

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Re: Blood Angels Combat Squad WIP

Post by Maru » 29 Dec 2012, o 18:12

first thing first :
They are as dark as i c them on photo rt it is ark photo over all ??
over all they "seams fine" but :
MORE contrast !!!!
so as usual :
What paints you used ?
is this photo dark or thats the painting ?

Eyes looks good i think best off this minis so armor actualy is not good enough

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Re: Blood Angels Combat Squad WIP

Post by kirisute » 29 Dec 2012, o 21:46

Its all subjective; but to me there isn't enough contrast across the armour. ... YSqd02.jpg
Take a look at this image and you can see how the artist has created contrast across the it shape and form.
Your armour appears mostly one colour, with little highlight or reflection.
I reckon even if you edge highlighted with a brighter red/orange or did some minor dry brushing around the edges you would notice a superb difference.

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Re: Blood Angels Combat Squad WIP

Post by eufrat » 31 Dec 2014, o 13:06

Thank you Maru.
The idea with the base was to keep it simple like that. Just a stone-stairs: it was an "architectural" experiment. More complex bases are coming soon :)

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