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Neolis' Wip

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Re: Neolis' Wip

Postby sea.man » 31 Jan 2012, o 09:59

for 2 days of work, the titan looks very good!
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Re: Neolis' Wip

Postby Neolis » 5 Jul 2012, o 02:12

If it wasn't for the gutter my mind would be homeless.
"She bears the scarlet letter, her skin as soft as feathers, her demeanor tough as leather."
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Re: Neolis' Wip

Postby Nameless » 5 Jul 2012, o 10:02

Neolis back again :)
I like the freehanded pattern on the shield.
white highlights under scratches on the shield are too thick. dark lines represent damages (like after being hit with a weapon), white lines represent light on the edge of scratch. if these two lines are of similar thickness, it looks unnatural.
face - darker line around whites would make him look less scared :) the skin shade looks too earthy imo.
brown armour - transitions could be smoother.

good too see you painting again :)
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