Skrit salutes you!

Say "hello" and add a few words about you here :)
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Needs more explanation
Needs more explanation
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Skrit salutes you!

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First of all my compliments to Mahon for doing such a good job and working so hard!

My name is Tim Jonker and I live in the Netherlands. I'm ??. I've been gaming and painting for over 14 years now but have suffered some severe painting blocks over the last year! Hopefully I'll get back into shape soon and get some paint on my brushes. (and hopefully on a mini as well!)

I had been a member of Headblast but didn't post there frequently but seeing this is a new start I wanted to get involved in all the action! :wink:

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RE: Skrit salutes you!

Post by Lai »

Welcome aboard Skrit :)
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RE: Skrit salutes you!

Post by mahon »

Yep, welcome here.

All I want is to have a nice community here - let's all try and we will succeed :D
-- Mahoń


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RE: Skrit salutes you!

Post by Kenneth »

Yes, Kudos to you, Mahon, for all your hard work re. getting this up and running!

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