Brennus, the plunderer of Rome

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Brennus, the plunderer of Rome

Post by Tom »

finally finished another mini
hope you like him :wink:...Critic is as always welcome :wink:
and if you care to vote...CMON....merci :wink:

ImageClick to see full-sized image

Post by CUKIERas »

Critics? Sure :lol: stop doin' that ! you are too good stop it now! :wink: I love your minis this one is antoher beauty -skintones rulezzzz Great face...Give me your painting powers and skills :twisted: I'll worship you If you wanna ;)
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Post by pae »

Another stunning piece from you, Tom. I want to paint like you when I grow up. :lol:

I've done the voting thing. :-)

Post by Tom »

merci :wink:

CUKIERas wrote:Critics? Sure :lol: stop doin' that ! you are too good stop it now! :wink:
I still ain't satisfied with him...don't like the blood on the axe that much, the tattoo on the face ain't like the original from Mike Tyson...and the base ain't very spectacular...just like my common base, just with plaster instead of cork and a few other colors
CUKIERas wrote:
I'll worship you If you wanna ;)
thanks but i'll pass...but you could convert to the good side and paint Confrontation minis...hehehe :lol:

flynn wrote: I want to paint like you when I grow up. :lol:

hehehe :lol:
you are right on my heels...your Pixie Trickster looks great...gave it 1st place :wink:
flynn wrote: I've done the voting thing. :-)
merci :wink:
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Post by przemo »

Great work! Imo you could work on base (I don't like those stones). And the axe which he has in his left hand is not highlighted on the bottom. It has the same color on whole bottom side. Is it what you wanted to achive?

Post by Hosea »


Everytime you posted it here, I did watch your mini and post. Well, I did not reply everytime just bcos it is kind of boring to say, "very good", "flawless", "I wish I could paint like yours" everytime, even these words are true :D .

Put it simple, I really like your works and your kindness. This mini, I think I understand what u mean about the base and the blood, I agree with you about them.

Always, I really appreciate your kindness for posting your receipts, I dun think too many painters are willing to do so. This is so kind from you.

Please keep up your good work and good attitude, even I dun always reply to your post. :D
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Needs more explanation
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Post by Skrit »

Mwoah, it ain't half bad! ;) :lol:
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Post by mahon »

Yeah, Skrit. It's good actually :D

I like the skintone and the way tyou painted his armour. The tattoo is really nice, but I don't know how closely you wanted to stick to Tyson's original. And the base is more interesting and better done than most of your previous bases! Good job, it's hard for me to find a flwa in this paintjob :oops:
-- Mahoń


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Post by endrem »

Great paintjob indeed, I think there are no real flaws on it. One may find places for nitpicking, but I think it's an excellent paintjob, close to perfection :) As Mahon said, even the base is much better than your previous pieces.
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Post by ToMaZ »

Pfiew Hosea I was afraid you were going to ask Tom to marry you :D:D j/k

ontopic: Great miniature, the most has been said allready. I just want to add that it looks flawless as ever, the nmm, skintone, armour...

and even the base looks different and very good :mrgreen:

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