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Re: Reaper Miniatures

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Nameless wrote:metal minis are cast in house :)
these new "bones" minis in china, though I think they have some plans to cast them in their own place too. or maybe I'm wrong?
The reason for kickstarter was to buy a high end plastic injection machine. They have it in Texas, not sure if operational yet.
Smart idea, better control over the production process.
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Re: Reaper Miniatures

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they had just recently finished shipping Bones stuff from their first Kickstarter... and started the 2nd project :) ... f-mr-bones

almost 1.3 m already...

basic pledge of 100$ will get you a huge bucket of minis, and that bucket will just get bigger as the campaign goes. Plus some cheap options to add if you wish
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Re: Reaper Miniatures

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Lots of minis.
Too bad it's placcy stuff.

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