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by ToMaZ
11 Nov 2012, o 17:53
Forum: Manufacturers
Topic: Mierce Miniatures (former BaneBeasts/BaneLegions)
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Re: Mierce Miniatures - Darklands (former BaneBeasts/BaneLeg

Curious to see where this will be going with Maelstrom's bankrupt and liquidation... Thanks for that info. I still had an order to receive from Maelstrom. Because they were usually that late with fulfilling order containing minis that were out of stock, I didn't bother looking at the site for a whi...
by ToMaZ
12 May 2012, o 13:20
Forum: Showcase
Topic: Infinity PanO (as requested by ToMaZ)
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Re: Infinity PanO (as requested by ToMaZ)

I really love those reds. The little light reflections really add to the SF feeling imo.
The sniper is awesome. You have achieved a great shiny black on the coat.

Great stuff!
by ToMaZ
10 May 2012, o 20:16
Forum: Showcase
Topic: The Cult of December
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Re: The Cult of December

Very nice. Really good job on the ice golem. I like him a lot.
Now show your Infinity PanO ;)
by ToMaZ
9 May 2012, o 15:50
Forum: Manufacturers
Topic: Privateer Press
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Re: Privateer Press

nice! I really hoped they would do a good griffon (because I need 2 of them :P ) and this one looks very good.
by ToMaZ
5 May 2012, o 16:09
Forum: Trashcan ;)
Topic: Skrit,Nameless & Co:favourite music clips selection!
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Re: Skrit,Nameless & Co:favourite music clips selection!

Hellspawn wrote:I had to endure 14seconds of Justin Bieber for that one. What a torture :banghead:
just install AdBlock plus

The black keys - Too afraid to love you
by ToMaZ
29 Apr 2012, o 00:36
Forum: Manufacturers
Topic: Andrea Miniatures
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Re: Andrea - news


by ToMaZ
25 Apr 2012, o 15:42
Forum: Manufacturers
Topic: Yedharo Models
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Re: Yedharo Models

I like the first one. Both the paintjob and the sculpt. Mordekai I don't really like. Too thin and static.
by ToMaZ
23 Apr 2012, o 18:04
Forum: Theory and discussions: Painting
Topic: Problem with white paint (vallejo)
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Re: Problem with white paint (vallejo)

Thats the major problem with all vallejo GAME colors some more then others, try to use a medium or less water Ok, Thanks. Is it a know problem with the Model color range ? Regards Daniel Actually some model colours have the same issues. Mostly with the heavy pigmented light colour paints. Colours l...