My new WIP paintjob

Still painting…

You know I tried to post here as often as I could. And then I disappeared. No explanation, no warning. My life changed drastically and for two years I was so deeply involved in my work that I could hardly find any time for anything else. I also was pretty limited in what I was allowed and what not. Fortunately recently things have changed and I can start sharing my hobby with you again.


Of course I will explain it all soon, but now I just wanted to prove I am still painting. I haven’t quit, I didn’t change my hobby and I didn’t change my job (well, I kind of did, but it still involves a lot of painting ;)). Those of you who have been following me on instagram, may know a part of what I was doing, but more is coming! 🙂 And let this photo serve as a proof of what I say:

Cyclops from Mixed Dimensions, painting inspired by Warhammer trolls
Cyclops from Mixed Dimensions, painting inspired by Warhammer trolls

More explanations will follow in another post, as there is a lot to tell you about. I don’t even know where to start… So stay tuned for some more news on our Facebook page or just keep checking oiur website 🙂

Orc Pilot Bust

I was always a big fan of orc models and wanted to paint them for many years. Unfortunately nobody seemed to share my opinion, so I had to do it regardless of commissions and such, only for my own fun. And this orc pilot bust from Kromlech seemed like a perfect choice!

Of course the official box art painting is so good that trying to paint another standard orc would be of no use – why do something that has been done already? No need to copy somebody else’s ideas…

So I came up with my own concept! 🙄

Monument to an orc pilot

Orc Pilot Bust
Orc Pilot Bust – the whole model

Instead of painting him as an actual orc, I decided to make him a statue, a monument to a nameless orc pilot (or: the „collective” pilot). Orcs do honor their heroes in their own specific way, don’t they? 😉 But instead of making it bronze or stone, I went for a more crystal-like look, plus more realistic equipment. Just as if the statue was partially made from actual items or… trash. 😀

Small touches for fun…

If you pay enough attention to the model, you will see small pigeons pooping on the monument, depriving it of its remaining glory, much in the traditional orcish disrespectful way. There’s also some moss and grass growing on the statue, just as some might expect…

Orc Pilot Bust
Orc Pilot Bust

Then there’s the base, spotted with pigeon excrements and covered with propaganda posters calling all orcs to war (or: waaagh ;)). These are mostly based on actual war posters, but modified to suit the theme.

I hope you like the unorthodox approach to the model I took, and don’t mind the tongue in a cheek interpretation of the model. I think I had enough fun painting it and after being awarded for it at the show in Toruń,  don’t need it in my cabinet anymore ;), so if any of you feel like having such a model, why don’t you contact us about it?

Thanks for your attention and cheers!

This model is available for sale now. If you are interested in adding it to your collection, contact us, please. 🙂

„Medicine for sergeant Granny!”

I think I heard some kind of howling out there… Let me check the battlefield. Hey, it seems like a girl… chased by a wolf… carrying a basket or box of some sort… all covered in blood…

DON’T SHOOT! LET ME IN! Is Granny here? Got medicine for sergeant Granny!

Zdaje mi się, że słyszałem jakieś wycie… Sprawdzę pole bitwy.  Hej, zdaje się, że to jakaś dziewczyna… ścigana przez wilka… niesie jakiś kosz albo skrzynkę… cała we krwi…

NIE STRZELAJCIE! WPUŚĆCIE MNIE! Czy jest tam Babcia? Mam lekarstwa dla sierżanta Babci!

Usually I get to paint clean. Colorful and clean. Wouldn’t it be fun to paint someting dirty, and play with muted muddy colors again?

Zwykle przychodzi mi malować czysto. Kolorowo i czysto. Ale czy nie byłoby miło pomalować coś brudnego, ponownie pobawić się stłumionymi, ziemistymi kolorami?

Little Red Riding Hood
„Medicine for sergeant Granny, or Little Red Riding Hood



While waiting for models for my other projects to arrive, I decided to paint a mini-vignette with Little Red Riding Hood. Finding a suitable subject and concept took me some time but eventually I decided to go with a war theme.

Czekając aż dotrą do mnie modele do innych projejtów, postanowiłam pomalować mini-winietkę z Czerwonym Kapturkiem w roli głównej. Długo szukałam tematu i pomysłu, aż ostatecznie zdecydowałam się na scenkę wojenną.

Little Red Riding Hood hits Toruń!

The model has been waiting quite long to be finished, because I had to return to my main project. But I decided to finish her before leaving for Toruń, so I could present her at the show, and in result I even got to be awarded. 🙂

Praca dość długo czekała na wykończenie, bo musiałam wracać do moich głównych projektów, ale przed wyjazdem do Torunia postanowiłam ją dokończyć i zaprezentować na Festiwalu, a w rezultacie udało się nawet zdobyć nagrodę. 🙂

Little Red Riding Hood
„Medicine for sergeant Granny, or Little Red Riding Hood

Furry troubles

Here are more photos of the model. You can see how simplistic and poor the sculpt of the wolf is, especially the fur. Not much fun painting it, but the opportunity of not focusing on painting clean was a good compensation.

Poniżej zamieszczam więcej zdjęć tego modelu, widzicie jak uproszczona i słaba jest rzeźba wilka, zwłaszcza futro. Niezbyt przyjemnie się je malowało, ale możliwość nie skupiania się na czystości malowania zrekompensowała to z nawiązką. 

This model is available for sale now. If you are interested in adding it to your collection, contact us, please. 🙂