Orc Pilot bust WIP

Some time ago I promised you photos of the Orc Pilot bust I’ve been working on. While it’s not finished yet, here are some details about this project:

This model from Kromlech has already received quite a few good quality paintjobs, including the official one by C’Tan, so there was little use in doing the same thing again. I had to come up with my own idea for this bust and… so I did! 😀

My concept

Most painters interpret this model quite literally, as a pilot bust, painted in a pretty realistic way. I decided to go for something quite opposite – instead of making it a realistic bust, I would make it unrealistic. Or maybe not “unrealistic” but rather not a realistic representation of a pilot.

My version will be a statue. One carved in a way that would bring crystal figurines to mind. And, just like with many real monuments, it will have its own pigeons leaving their own, uhm,  “marks” on this impressive sculpt! 😀


I hope the concept explains the style of painting I chose for this model. And if you are interested in owning this model, feel free to contact us while it is still available. 🙂

Chaos Lord of Fire And Ice

Last August I presented some WIP photos of this Chaos Lord. I eventually finished this model in late 2016 but the photos have been sitting on our computer until now.

Chaos Sorcerer of Fire and Ice
Chaos Sorcerer of Fire and Ice

The general concept for this project was to incorporate color schemes based on both fire and ice in one model. Not exactly in a realistic way, but more as an artistic image of struggle between the two.

There was also another model based on a similar concept, so I will post the photos as soon as I receive them from Mahon.

I hope you like the idea. It’s not a very fresh paintjob but still one that I haven’t presented in a finished version until now.