Hell Hound

Here’s my latest paintjob, (not so) cool doggy straight from hell… or to be more precise, from Reaper Miniatures.

I started painting it black, but I wasn’t really sure how I wanted it to look like. And then I’ve put The Darkness CD into my player, listened to this song…

… and all pieces found their place. The Hell Hound quickly became the Black Shuck, fur was painted as flames and there you go – my first completed miniature in 2014. Finally!

Hell Hound / Black Shuck
Black Shuck

Just a shy attempt / Nieśmiała próba

After such a long break in posting I nearly feel I should introduce myself 🙂

So I seem to be the same Ańa… still a red-haired girl with glasses and a paintbrush in her teeth, but probably a better mum.

Oh right! I am teaching my son that he cannot take all of my time and not everything can be done together. We already have the first success: during the last sickness I painted an “oh-so-cool knight who defeated a barracuda” (that unfortunately managed to eat Nemo’s mum, Coral).

So this year’s slogan would be “enjoying having a son”.
But it was not all – thanks to the silence on my blog I managed to reduce my backlog quite much. Now I will gladly return to blogging, but don’t count on long and valuable articles.

If you ever visit the Painting Mum blog again, you may find it dead. But as I said, I want to keep blogging, but now you will get some snippets of information from my life, collection of inspiration for my work, some poor photos from my mobile phone and laconic captions on my blog.
From now on it’s going to be a garbage blog, a scrapbook, for myself.

That’s the decision I made when my three-years-old Balrog (let’s keep the nickname here, because no other represents his personality so well) tried what it’s like to paint miniatures and just as I could expect (after 10 minutes of painting and 15 minutes of brewing mixtures on the mixing plate, only to apply them onto a troll’s skin and… spill them all over the workplace) he judged he’s great at it and it’s very easy for him. So if he’s so great, and I have hard time with it, how can you expect anything more from me?

Maybe one day I will reveal Balrog’s recipes to you.
I will put them somewhere in my notes which will now be published here at ChestOfColors.com but under the same old name, to keep it more confusing 😉

Chest of Colors used to give people motivation and power to comment and discuss, so maybe there you will eventually become more active commenters. I don’t pretend that without your comments this blog will only be my personal scrapbook. I will be satisfied anyway 🙂 but if it’s going to be good for you, well, it’s entirely up to you. The party simply is moving to a new place.

Le Banquet [Fenryll]
The party goes on… / Impreza trwa…

Po takiej przerwie niepisania czuję niemal, że wypada mi się przedstawić 🙂 
Niby jestem tą samą Anią … wciąż jeszcze rudą okularnicą z pędzlem w zębach, choć chyba lepszą mamą.

O właśnie! Uczę syna, że nie może zabierać mi całego czasu i nie wszystko można robić wspólnie. Mamy już pierwszy sukces: podczas ostatniego chorowania pomalowałam “fajniastego rycerza, co pokonał barakudę” (Szkoda, że zdążyła wcześniej zeżreć mamę Nemo – Koral).

Więc ten rok minął mi pod hasłem “nacieszam się synem”.
Choć nie tylko – dzięki minionemu blogowemu milczeniu mogłam podgonić wieeeele zaległości.
Teraz chętnie wrócę do bloga, ale nie liczcie na długie i wartościowe artykuły.

Jeśli jeszcze kiedyś zajrzycie na blog Painting Mum, pewnie zastaniecie martwy blog. Ale jak pisałam, zamierzam dalej pisać. Jednak teraz na moim blogu zobaczycie strzępy informacji z życia, zbiórkę inspiracji do pracy, marne fotki z telefonu i lakoniczne podpisy.
Będzie to od tej pory śmieciowy blog, bo dla mnie.

Tak postanowiłam gdy mój trzyletni Balrog (zostańmy przy tej ksywce, bo żadna inna nie oddaje równie trafnie jego osobowości) sprawdzał ostatnio jak to jest malować figurki i jak mogłam się spodziewać (po 10 minutach malowania i 15 minutach warzenia mikstur na tacce, by potem robić z nich okłady trollowi … i zalać całe stanowisko), uznał że jest w tym świetny i to jest bardzo łatwe dla niego. Skoro on jest świetny, a mnie jest zawsze pod górkę, to ‘z czym do ludzi’.

Może czasem zdradzę Wam receptury Balroga.
Wcisnę je między moje zapiski które od tej pory będę prowadzić na ChestOfColors.com
Pod tą samą nazwą dla zmyły 😉

Chest of Colors dawało kiedyś moc do komentowania i dyskutowania, może tam w końcu się rozpiszecie bo nie ukrywam, że bez Waszych komentarzy ten blog będzie jedynie moim scrapbookiem.
Tak czy inaczej ja będę usatysfakcjonowana 🙂 a co z Wami to tylko od Was zależy. Impreza po prostu przenosi się na nowe miejsce.

Chaos Dragon’s invasion?

This time it’s definitely not as much as I’d like to present but considering my recent lack of time I shouldn’t complain. Last night my I managed to spend 30 mins with trusty Dremel gizmo and finally one of my fav models (EVAH!) is assembled:

Egrimm van Horstmann mounted on Chaos dragon.

The model will be based on similar size plinth as the Zombie dragon but I don’t want another swamp (I will save it for something more undead…). No matter the surface will be fantasy-urban or something natural there will be Skaven running in the tunnel below, so looks like there’s lotta heavy drilling ahead. But first something more trivial: filling lots of gaps… =/

There Be Dragons

This is a story of one gift. A story of one lady and three dragons. A very special lady, I should add.

Where to start… Oh well, long time ago I had planned a big diorama under the working title of “City of Dragons”. However, the only piece I painted for it was this dragon lady (Reaper Master Series Miniatures – 54mm scale). As you can see, it was supposed to be a statue with a small dragon on it, not a live female.



The concept I’d had for this new diorama did not involve any statues, so I had to repaint this model. Black and white base I had on the lady made me go with glazing all over. Very thin layers of heavily watered paint were used on almost every part of the miniature. The shadows and highlights were already there, all I had to do was adding a colour to it.

The small dragon was treated in a different way, obviously, I’ve just pulled the highlights up here and there.

With that, the first part of my dio was ready:




The second part of my dio is also a salvaged piece. Dragon lady came with this additional dragon (though it is also available separately in Reaper range as DHL 3332), which was initially used by me for this scene:


I’d dismounted it from the base, gave it few additional highlights, and here it is, the second part of my new diorama:


The last piece as also a Reaper mini and was painted from a scratch. It is the Shadow Dragon (Bones plastic range, but also available in metal) and initially was supposed to be painted as a black dragon. After some consideration I thought the black colour and size of the model would make him stand out too much on a dio, so I decided to paint him red. Unfortunately, I couldn’t get reds working right on this model, so after few attempts I gave up and switched to another colour that you can see below. The final result had been achieved by using violet liner and white to build up the base which was then glazed over with light blue. Wings were painted with violet liner and tanned skin shades (plus some white for final highlights). Frankly, I’m quite pleased with the result.

The third part of a dio:




With 2 parts salvaged from my other dioramas, repainted and/or improved, and one brand new piece I was finally able to put them all together. Of course, I had had the concept ready and the whole scene had been carefully planned before I started painting. I had the base and I arranged minis on it as the first step of my work. So, after I’d finished painting all I had to do was to assemble models on the base (piece of wood on a “plinth” made of a plastic cap taken from a coffee jar). I tried to arrange models on two levels so that viewers can see all details from different angles. Finally, a lot of static grass, twigs and dried greenery was added to create a nice, spring/summery feel to it.

Of course, every dio requires a story, but I prefer to leave that task to viewers. Feel free to come up with your own.

My story? There Be Dragons was painted as a birthday gift for my wife. So, what I’ve painted is actually our family – my lady and her three men. One big and old dragon (that would be me, of course), one small dragon on his own feet (8 yo son) and another small dragon that still requires to be carried around ( 2nd son, 10 months).

By the way, my wife almost never comes into my painting room. When she does, she never asks what I’m painting at the moment. Both of us prefer to show/see the finished mini. So, I have been working on this diorama for over a month, trying to use every spare moment. When I was literally 10 minutes from finishing the gift, she catches me totally off guard by jumping suddenly into the room, taking a look and asking “What are you painting?” Oh well, there went the surprise element…

Happy birthday again, honey!








Zombie Dragon

“North of the Kingdom of the Dead, and east of Worlds Edge Mountains, lies the Plains of Bones. The land is a desert of multi-coloured refractive sand from which huge rib-cages emerge.

For this is the place where dragons came to die, to rest their bones among those of their ancestors as they had done for millions of years, before any other sentient being walked the surface of the Known World…”

It took me long time but I am more than happy to see that beast finished.

Sure lots of things could’ve been done better bur screw it – it’s the first dragon I painted and it made me proud =]

Hope you like it.

Zombie Dragon
Zombie Dragon