Red Thirst continues!

So I am sitting and painting the Contemptor dreadnought:

Siedzę nad dredziem:

Blood Angels Contemptor dreadnought (WIP)

Contemptor dreadnought's arm (WIP)

Contemptor dreadnought's base



These are my photos from the last few days. More freehands still to be done (I started today)
I may find these motifs useful;

To fotki z ostatnich dni. Freehandy jeszcze przede mną (dziś zaczęłam)
Być może przydadzą mi się te motywy:




Blood Angel

Blood Angels Death Company banner

Angel tattoo

Blood Angels


I browsed and searched through scores of angels in the last days. Crap. Lots of kitsch.
The best angel of death ever created is in my opinion the one from Hellboy. Do you know any better?

Szukałam/oglądałam w ostatnich dniach dziesiątki aniołów. Kicha. Morze kiczu.
Najlepszy anioł śmierci jaki powstał to dla mnie ten z Hell Boya. Znacie lepszego?

Hellboy II’s blog – The beginning

Welcome to my first blog-type post here at Chest of Colors! I will try to show you my progress in becoming a better painter. I am a big fan of skirmish games like Hell Dorado, Mordheim or Necromunda. My favourite miniatures come from Confrontation. Ok, lets see what’s happening at my workbench…

Recently I have been playing a lot of Necromunda and here is my Escher band, whose name is Spice Girls.

Necromunda Escher gang - Spice Girls

More pictures from the beginning of painting the warband you can see at forum here. The girls are almost ready so at my desk is this guy for my raising Vampire Counts army. The new Krell from Games Workshop. I was that lucky  that I didn’t have to fill any gaps, so it really was a finecast 🙂 More skeletons and vampires you can find here.


And a little teaser what I got myself and hopefully will present to you see.

New miniatures

Enough talking, time for some painting 😉 see you next time!

Blood Angels Contemptor Dreadnought – inspiration

I started the Blood Angels Contemptor Dreadnought outright. I found a suitable base:

Dreda robię od ręki, jest do Blood Angelsów. Mam podstawkę pasującą:

Blood Angels Contemptor dreadnought - WIP

Palette with colors for Contemptor

In my mind I have a picture of a frenzied character, but seen from his own perspective, I want to present his hallucinations. As usually what is in my mind is more like a picture, graphic art… How to deal with it?

I am bloodthirsty!

W głowie obraz postaci ogarniętej szałem, ale bardziej widziany z jego perspektywy, chcę zwizualizować też jego halucynacje. Jak zwykle to co mam w głowie to bardziej grafika… Jak sobie z tym poradzić?

Jestem żądna krwi!

300 Rise of an Empire poster

300 poster

Blood Angels Space MarineBlood Angels Contemptor dreadnought - inspiration

Gosh, Yellow One already did some freehands which were mostly like the ones I planned. But he was first and did it better than I would even dream. So let me follow my idol’s example and also make my model dirty 🙂 But I have to reconsider the concept of my freehands.

Choinka, Yellow One w dużej mierze zastosował takie freehandy, jak ja sobie zaplanowałam. Był pierwszy i zrobił to lepiej niż ja bym sobie zamarzyła. Wezmę przykład z idola i też mojego umorusam 🙂 Za to koncepcję freehandów przemyślę na nowo.

Dreadnought by Yellow One

To be continued…

Ciąg dalszy nastąpi…

Back from Pyrkon 2014 with some loot

Last Saturday I had a very rare occasion to meet some friends from Chest of Colors authorities at big convention in Poznan – Pyrkon 2014.
The road was long and tiring but it was worthy every kilometer spent behind the wheel.
The convention was a total blast: there were tons and tons of attractions for just everyone interested in science-fiction or fantasy even a little bit: there were games (miniature wargaming, card games, larp from what I know and other), there were fans of post-apo movies and games properly dressed up and escorting zombie runaways, there were prelections, meetings with authors, meeting with game creators…
And that’s ‘s just what I managed to spot within very limited time I had a pleasure to spend at the place.
Why? Well mostly because I spend most of the time at miniatures glass cases watching entries for painitng contest (yes, there was also painting contest!) but also because I was actually just passing Poznan that day so my participation in the contest was something like a very enjoyable break in the tiring trip.

All in all I came back home the next day with 2 trophies (for zombie dragon and Scavvy gang), a little hangover, very good mood and even better memories. But I also met someone exceptional – a hint: it’s not a Santa…

I also met someone exceptional – a hint: it was not a Santa…

Hell Hound

Here’s my latest paintjob, (not so) cool doggy straight from hell… or to be more precise, from Reaper Miniatures.

I started painting it black, but I wasn’t really sure how I wanted it to look like. And then I’ve put The Darkness CD into my player, listened to this song…

… and all pieces found their place. The Hell Hound quickly became the Black Shuck, fur was painted as flames and there you go – my first completed miniature in 2014. Finally!

Hell Hound / Black Shuck
Black Shuck