Mephiston started

For me… the winter came!
I dressed myself, Mahon, Balrog, even my emaciated Matrix and all the thin dogs around. 😉

Dla mnie nadeszła zima!
Ubrałam siebie, Mahonia, Balroga, a nawet mojego wychudzonego Matrixa i wszystkie wychudzone psy w okolicy. 😉

Dressed for winter!
Dressed for winter!Wystrojona na zimę!
Must be hot-blooded...
Must be hot-blooded…Musi mieć gorącą krew…
Dogs need clothes
Dogs need clothesPsy też potrzebują ciuchów

Recently I met a terribly freezing guy and wanted to dress him as well – I got into dressing others so much, that I was willing to offer my own jacket to him… but he stared at me in a strange manner… he must be quite fond of the cold. 😉

Spotkałam ostatnio strasznie przemarzniętego gościa i też go chciałam odziać – tak się wkręciłam w ubieranie, że byłam skłonna oddać mu swój kożuch… ale tak jakoś się na mnie dziwnie spojrzał … chyba lubi chłodek. 😉

Strange freezing guy
Strange freezing guyDziwny przemarznięty gość

It’s time I returned to my miniatures, because I feel irritated as if drying-out. The plan for January is Mephiston.

Czas wrócić do figurek, bo bez nich czuję się rozdrażniona jak na odwyku. Styczniowy plan to Mephiston.



Mephiston by Mark Gibbons
Mephiston by Mark Gibbons
Mephiston – author unknown?

Even more aliens!

Here come another 3 Infinity Combined Army figures – Speculo killer and 2 seed soldiers:

I used different colors for the minis, but the same for the bases, so the whole group looks as homogeneous as possible, considering the fast that all those aliens have really diverse look.


Aliens are coming!


recently I discovered that there are different SF gaming systems then Warhammer 40.000 🙂 I decided to start my adventure with Infinity the Game. As the first I present you 3 Morats from Combined Army (some kind of aliens in this game).

Suryat – the oldest sculpt, painted as a trial model:

Zerat sniper, this one I like more, maybe because she is a girl 😉

Another Zerat, this time hacker (and in much more dynamic pose):

And here are all 3 minis together:

The quality of those metal minis is very good. There are many details that are fun to paint. Especially newer models are greatly sculpted.

The bases are standard ones that come with the figures. I put plastic card (about 1 mm thick) and some leftovers from plastic model kits. In some parts I drilled holes so that the base look more like spaceship floor.
You will certainly see more Infinity minis painted by me soon 🙂