Red Box Games

After participating in 2 Red Box Games Kickstarter campaigns I obtained some nice figures, that (at least partially) I decided to paint. The first one is Svartulf the Savage, a Conan-like warrior with really nasty looking sword. As you can see he’s got a lot of muscles and therefore painting his skin was the most time-consuming, although the final effect was worth it. The armor parts are painted as a worn out and rusty ones. I put him on 40mm wood-themed base (he was too big for a 25mm one).


I also painted Egilhard the Peacemaker – a classical looking viking mini. I painted him in rather natural, earth colors (mostly browns and greens). Painting his shield was quite a fun too.


Overall, Red Box Games figures are really nice, full of details and fun to paint minis. I will surely paint some more of them soon.



Funny little dwarf

For a change I decided to paint Snorri from Nocturna Models, funny little dwarf with a bag. It’s 54mm mini, so he’s not so small compared to 32mm figures I usually paint.

Painting him was a nice experience. He doesn’t have too many details, so it was rather a fast paintjob. I decided to use sililar bright colors as on manufacturer’s site. I put him on 30mm wooden cube and used some ribbish to simulate forest undergrowth.

By the way, here’s another mini for my Infinity collection – The Shrouded for Combined Army. Another nice and fast paintjob 😉


Something green (and red too!)


Everybody needs a change once in a while, so I wanted to paint something diferent – different subject and different color. Here is Skoll the protector – a little troll with big sword from Anastyr. I decided to paint him in bright colors. It was also a test in painting green skin – as a base color Vallejo Goblin Green works just fine. The rust on the sword is made of dry pigments – I wanted something simple and effective 😉

And here is another miniature – Twilight Knight from Kingdom Death. In this mini I aimed for bright reds with other colors faded. This was some kind of experiment for me, as I did not pain this way before.


Purple nymph

This is my first miniature in 2015. A very small experiment with purple skintone on a small nymph from Hasslefree Miniatures.

This little beauty was on my pile of lead for about 6 years and I didn’t have how to use her. But as soon as I got into possesion of this rock with cristals in it I kwen that she would suit there, as if she was in her own cristal cave.

My goal was to paint purple skin and try to blend the layers as smoothly as I can. I think that there is still potential for me to improve when it comes to smoothness. I didn’t use any midtones, probably now it’s too late for them, but maybe you’ve got some ideas what colors should I use?

DSC06162-600x399 DSC06168-600x399 DSC06172-600x399


Queen Medb saved!

I think I started this miniature like two years ago. Then due to an unfortunate accident I stopped, and only now am starting over from scratch. The miniature has been cleaned up, re-primed and here’s what she looks like now:

Sądzę, że zaczęłam ten model jakieś dwa lata temu. Potem przerwałam w wyniku pechowego zrządzenia losu, a teraz zaczynam od nowa. Figurka została wyczyszczona, ponownie spodkładowana i oto jak teraz wygląda:

Fairy Queen Mebd (work in progress)
Fairy Queen Mebd (WIP)

In case you are wondering, the model is Fairy Queen Medb from Morland Studios, but of course I am painting her in my own way. 🙂

Gdyby ktoś się zastanawiał co to za model, jest to Fairy Queen Medb z Morland Studios. Oczywiście maluję ją po swojemu. 🙂

Fairy Queen Mebd (colors)
The paints I used
Farby, których użyłam
Fairy Queen Mebd (palette)
My palette so far
Moja paleta jak dotąd

But that’s not the only reason for writing this post. I wanted to mention that a package with new paints arrived today, so my enthusiasm is renewed and I am looking forward to painting tomorrow!

Ale to nie jedyny powód, dla którego piszę dzisiejszego posta. Chciałam dodać, że dotarła do mnie paczuszka z nowymi farbami, więc nie mogę się doczekać jutrzejszego malowania z nowym entuzjazmem!

New paints
New paints, at last!
Nowe farby – nareszcie!