Quick Bones

No, it’s not about skeletons running around…

Bones are a relatively new line of Reaper miniatures, cast of some rather bizarre plastic material which is loved by some and hated by others. Will have to write more about it one day. Anyway, I have few of these minis at home and below you will see two of them painted.

Why “quick”, you ask? Well, life likes to put obstacles on our painting paths and limit our free time we can spend on our hobby. There are different ways to overcome this problem; speed-painting is one of available options. You take a mini, paints and brushes…. and you paint it quickly. Yeah, simple as that. Forget the quality, forget prizes and eternal fame. Just paint and have some fun along.

Eye Beast (Reaper Miniatures)
Eye Beast (Reaper Miniatures)
Tiik Warrior (Reaper Miniatures)
Tiik Warrior (Reaper Miniatures)

Hell Hound

Here’s my latest paintjob, (not so) cool doggy straight from hell… or to be more precise, from Reaper Miniatures.

I started painting it black, but I wasn’t really sure how I wanted it to look like. And then I’ve put The Darkness CD into my player, listened to this song…

… and all pieces found their place. The Hell Hound quickly became the Black Shuck, fur was painted as flames and there you go – my first completed miniature in 2014. Finally!

Hell Hound / Black Shuck
Black Shuck