JerzyK’s Corner – Time for some WH40K miniatures!

Recently I painted some new Warhammer 40K miniatures, that I did not show yet. As you can see, they’re all Space Marines. At least, they’re not all blue 🙂 They are all painted to gaming standard.

Ultramarines librarian with staff and book:


Chaplain, in Ultramarines colors:


Time for yellow one – captain Darnath Lysander of Imperial Fists:


Finally, heavy converted Marneus Calgar, lord of Ultramarines:



Can you BEAR that?

Hello guys! Lately I painted some bear – Beowa from Mierce Miniatures. I love his savage look!


Painting fur was tiresome, but not so much as I thought. After painting the base color (slighty lighter than the overall shade of the final color) I applied 3 washes and 3 drybrushes (better more of them than less). That was fast and pleasant 😉 Then came the fun part – with good tipped brush I applied final 2-3 highlights on every strand of hair. I was really happy when it was over. Painting the clothes and all the details was the last touch. I hope that you like the final result.


The Heartbraker

To be precise – he will not break your heart. He will tear it from your chest and eat it!

Kernuor, seer-drune – another blood-thirsty barbarian. Lots of bones on this one. 🙂

My drune force is nicely gaining strenght (although there are still more minis unpainted than painted).


JerzyK’s Corner – Some nasties!

Greetings everyone. Recently I’ve been painting some really nasty figures.

The first one is Chaplain Cassius. He looks really unhealthy. In fact he looks as if he fits better with chaos space marines than those loyal to the emperor. He stands out even among other GW sculpts 😉 Painting black is a tough work and I have much to learn yet in that matter.

The other one is Ulric the Defiler, another Mierce Miniatures Ysian drune for my collection (and certainly not the last one!). A really unfriendly guy – just look at those trophys by his belt. Yet, it was pleasure to paint him, he reminds me Confrontation times (party because he was created by ex-Rackham sculptor – Stéphane Simon).