He stole it from us!

Olfo ‘Fast Feet’ from Andrea Miniatures – the miniature clearly refering to Bilbo Baggins from Lord of the Rings. Maybe even now he is reaching his sticky little fingers for the Precious, nasty little thief! Who knows…
Anyway, the miniature is in 54mm scale, although he is only 35mm tall. He is surely a halfling. All this traveling gear was fun to paint. He also has quite expressive face. It was a nice variety from all the other paintjobs.

Assassin on a large scale

I wanted to paint some larger scale figure, but nothing too complicated. Assassin in 1/20 scale (90mm) from Atelier iT seemed just perfect. It is not overloaded with details, yet it is not too simple. It is just great to start adventure with larger scale miniatures.
Shading sketch was done with airbrush – skin first, then (after covering skin area with mask) jeans and top. This was an adventage of painting larger scale miniature with homogeneous surfaces. Painting of pre-shaded miniature was faster and easier.
The base was made from plastic card attached to a wooden plinth. It was painted by airbrush and then I appplied some pigments to simulate dirt.

I think I will paint some more big girls in future 🙂