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About driving and contrast in miniature painting

You may be wondering what driving has to do with miniature painting? You would be surprised to read that it teaches us a great way of improving your painting and achieving better contrasted lighting on your miniatures. Read on to see how.

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Digital sculpting is becoming more and more popular in the world of miniature painting hobby. But as many new things it is still a controversial thing to many of us. How does it compare to traditional sculpting and what do you think about it?

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Voting for the first 25 candidates to the title of the worst miniatures ever made is closed, and we know the winners. Read on to find out who won, who lost, who received our thanks, and to get some insight behind the scenes.

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25 Worst Miniatures Ever Made

You have seen many great miniatures and surely have your own favorites. But have you ever wondered what are the worst miniatures of all time? See our candidates to the top 25 worst miniatures in the miniature painting hobby and vote for your favorites!

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Scandal at Golden Demon Australia 2011?

Golden Demon Australia 2011 took place in Sydney on October 1st. There were many good paintjobs presented, but unfortunately Australians didn’t avoid one sad situation, but thanks to their quick reaction the scandal was avoided. Or wasn’t it?

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