“12 minis in 12 months”. Personal project. Part 1.


I’m working on my second mini, but I just want to go back for a second and show you my first model from my personal project “12 minis in 12 months” I started in January.

It’s simple… One model per month: single, mounted, simple or difficult, I don’t know yet :)

Anyway, I want to motivate myself to paint more and more and more… Of course meanwhile I’ll paint other minis, I hope :)

Mini #1 – January.
Skeleton Warrior.

Best regards!

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Roboute Guilliman – let’s start!

While waiting for some basing supplies for my Slaanesh daemonettes, I started this thing:

Before painting. #miniature #warhammer40k #horusheresy #sculpture #ańa #chestofcolors

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I have a few days before the supplies arrive, so I will take a break from all the pinks and purples…

Lizard lady (or: Female Rogue)

Another paintjob from me on a Dark Sword Miniatures model. The original miniature was called “Female rogue dual-wield” but I decide to turn her into a “Lizard lady”.

Lizard lady / Female rogue
Lizard lady / Female rogue

I had a concept of a dark-skinned fighter accompanied by some animals (maybe familiars?) and outfit incorporating some lizard features, like shiny surfaces and scales.

Lizard lady / Female rogue
Lizard lady / Female roguegue

As you can see the model is converted (I was not quite happy with the face, hence the mask). The original model can be seen here. I hope you like my interpretation. :)