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Here is Tyranid Broodlord I painted recently. It’s my first painted Tyranid (and probably not the last one). Painted in Hive Fleet Leviathan paint scheme (white skin + purple carapace). Quite a big and scary beast! The base depicts alien infested space base. This was a nice change from other minis I recently painted. Cheers, […]


Here are some Ultramarines I recently painted: Space marine captain: Librarian with power axe Titan techpriest Sergant Telion Chaplain in terminator armor And here’s something not from Warhammer 40K – another of my Seed soldiers for Infinity. Cheers, JerzyK


After participating in 2 Red Box Games Kickstarter campaigns I obtained some nice figures, that (at least partially) I decided to paint. The first one is Svartulf the Savage, a Conan-like warrior with really nasty looking sword. As you can see he’s got a lot of muscles and therefore painting his skin was the most […]


Hello, Everybody needs a change once in a while, so I wanted to paint something diferent – different subject and different color. Here is Skoll the protector – a little troll with big sword from Anastyr. I decided to paint him in bright colors. It was also a test in painting green skin – as […]


This is my first miniature in 2015. A very small experiment with purple skintone on a small nymph from Hasslefree Miniatures.

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Fairy Queen Mebd (work in progress)

I think I started this miniature like two years ago. Then due to an unfortunate accident I stopped, and only now am starting over from scratch. The miniature has been cleaned up, re-primed and here’s what she looks like now:

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Mephiston by MARK_GIBBONS g4

It’s time I returned to my miniatures, because I feel irritated as if drying-out. The plan for January is Mephiston.

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Hello again, Recently I decided to paint something blue (perhaps my favourite color), but not necessary Space Marines. So here come the first of my blue PanOceania minis from Infinity. These are ORC troop and 2 Fusiliers. Cheers, JerzyK


Here come another 3 Infinity Combined Army figures – Speculo killer and 2 seed soldiers: I used different colors for the minis, but the same for the bases, so the whole group looks as homogeneous as possible, considering the fast that all those aliens have really diverse look. Cheers, JerzyK


In my last post, I gave hint what would come next. It took me a while to paint Azhag the Slaughterer, but I finally did it! The orc itself was mu bigger fun to paint then the wyvern.     With him my Orcs&Goblinsarmy is now 3700 points big!  

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