The Heartbraker

To be precise – he will not break your heart. He will tear it from your chest and eat it!

Kernuor, seer-drune – another blood-thirsty barbarian. Lots of bones on this one. 🙂

My drune force is nicely gaining strenght (although there are still more minis unpainted than painted).


JerzyK’s Corner – Some nasties!

Greetings everyone. Recently I’ve been painting some really nasty figures.

The first one is Chaplain Cassius. He looks really unhealthy. In fact he looks as if he fits better with chaos space marines than those loyal to the emperor. He stands out even among other GW sculpts 😉 Painting black is a tough work and I have much to learn yet in that matter.

The other one is Ulric the Defiler, another Mierce Miniatures Ysian drune for my collection (and certainly not the last one!). A really unfriendly guy – just look at those trophys by his belt. Yet, it was pleasure to paint him, he reminds me Confrontation times (party because he was created by ex-Rackham sculptor – Stéphane Simon).

A quick view at The Howling Horde starter from Norsgard Miniatures

Recently I came into possession of the Howling Horde starter set. I decided to make a short review of its contents and the minis’ quality.

This starter box contains five metal models: Warchief, Vei-Banshee and 3 Tribal Warriors. All come with round 30mm bases.

The figures are about 37mm tall.

The quality of the casts is good. The mould lines are visible, but easy to remove. There are many tiny parts, as you can see on the pictures:

Norsgard Miniatures - Howling Horde starter set review

 Norsgard Miniatures - Howling Horde starter set review

The warriors have 3 identical right arms with swords and 3 left arms with shields having different details   :

Norsgard Miniatures - Howling Horde starter set review

The details on minis are nice and sharp, even on the figure’s sides – look at those skulls:

Norsgard Miniatures - Howling Horde starter set review

Another close-up showing bearded warrior:

Norsgard Miniatures - Howling Horde starter set review

Did I say that there are 5 miniatures in this box? So why there are only 4 figures on the photos of the casts? That is because I could not resist to paint the warchief the minute I opened the box – even before writing this review 🙂

Moreover you can say much more about the quality of the mini when you look at the painted piece. So here it goes – The Howling Horde Warchief. Another mini to my collection. She is so sweet! (although she would not allow to say that about her, for sure).

Norsgard Miniatures - Howling Horde starter set review


NMM gold made fast and easy

Following Mahon‚s suggestion I decided to write my first miniature painting tutorial on Chest of Colors website. It is a tutorial about painting NMM gold my way – fast and pleasant.

Contrast is the most important thing in NMM technique.

This technique is intended for using mainly on tabletop quality figures, but with more layers (I used just 7-8 here, including base color and a wash) it can look quite well even on display miniatures.

I will show my technique on terminator librarian shoulder pad. It is hard for me to give precise proportions, as I use mostly my intuition while mixing the colors.

NMM gold – JerzyK’s way

I start with base color (pic. 1) by mixing yellow with little brown and blue, ending in dirty yellow – it is just the way it should be 😉

Photo: Fast & easy NMM gold - Tutorial (1)

Then I make wash color by adding more brown to the mix and diluting it to dirty water consistency and apply it to the surface (pic. 2) – it helps to mark various hollows on the surface, which are afterwards emphasized with more precise application of another layer, which is basically wash color with addition of a little black.

Photo: Fast & easy NMM gold - Tutorial (2)

The next step is cleaning everyting a little bit with basic color (pic. 3) – washes can sometimes leave messy areas.

Photo: Fast & easy NMM gold - Tutorial (3)

I add a little white and blue to the basic color and focus on areas which would collect more light (pic. 4).

Photo: Fast & easy NMM gold - Tutorial (4)

From this step I will be creating more and more contrast, which is the most important thing in NMM technique. Another layer of lighter color (more white and blue) is applied within the limits of the first highlight (pic. 5).

Photo: Fast & easy NMM gold - Tutorial (5)

Finaly I use almost white highlight with pure white blicks on highest places (pic. 6).

Photo: Fast & easy NMM gold - Tutorial (6)

Sometimes before the last step (white and almost-white highlights) I apply blue or green strongly diluted layer if overall color is too yellow.

You can easily evolve my techniqe to get better results, but even now with just a few layers and little time you can achieve effect which look well on gaming miniatures (pic. 7).

Photo: Fast & easy NMM gold - Tutorial (7)

And here is another example of a miniature painted in a similar way:

Fast & easy NMM gold - Tutorial (8)

Happy painting!
— JerzyK