Fantasy terrain stuff

Here is something for fantasy gaming – resin walls from Ristuls Extraordinary Market that I bought some time ago. They’re part of their Old Stone Wall Terrain set. IMHO the walls could be a little higher, but overall they’re OK. Painted fast and easy way: base + wash + drybrush, but the effect seems enough for the stuff that is just a background for your minis 🙂

I’m rather poor photographer, so here are pics on white background and in more “natural” surrounding (game mat).


I also painted medieaval/fantasy shed made of resin (2 pieces – base with walls and roof). I don’t know the manufacturer – I bought it from second hand already primed. It had quite many air bubbles to fill, but once I did that, the painting was easy part. I used yellow and brown tones, suitable for wood and hay. After painting I put some static grass and various trash to make it look more natural.


The miniatures shown for scale are Red Box Games ones – they are closest to 28mm scale.

It was quite a fun painting something different than usual.

Something for bases – Textured Rolling Pins

I would like to share with you my first impressions of Textured Rolling Pins that I purchased recently from Green Stuff World.
I bought Textured Rolls Pack v2.0 which contains 6 rolls:
– 1 rolling pin plain (no texture) – used for extending the putty to smoothen the surface before impressing with other textured rolling pins
– 1 rolling pin Runic
– 1 rolling pin Celtic
– 1 rolling pin Frozen
– 1 rolling pin Wood planks
– 1 rolling pin Factory ground

Rolling Pins

They are about 140mm long and 25mm wide.
The cost of this set (including shippment) is 50 EUR (59 USD), which is not cheap. But when you consider how many bases can you make with those tools…
I made first tests using Runic rolling pin. I didn’t have anything else at hand, so I used my daughter’s modelling clay – hence those vivid collors. Don’t worry – it will be painted 🙂
After extending and flatting the clay to a small disc (in size of 30mm base, about 3mm thick) I transfered the texture to the putty.

Rolling Pins

As you may see, I used 2 toothpicks to get even surface when rolling the pin. It looked really OK. Sculping It would certainly take me a lot of time! I made a few more and put my production to boiling water for about 25 minutes to harden it.

Rolling Pins

After cooling down I crushed the edges to make them more irregular and sharp. Then I glued the textured discs to the bases using epoxy glue. I broke some discs to make it more interesting and to suggest ancient provenance of the stone floor.

Rolling Pins

Here is how two of the bases looks painted:

Rolling Pins

It’s not much except base paint, wash and drybrush. I wanted to paint them as quick as possible – there are much more bases to make! I think the effect is really good, considering that “sculpting” 4 bases and painting 2 of them took me about 45 minutes.

What minis will I put on those bases? I’ll show you that in my next post 😉