Mother Hermione’s Host part 1

I started painting new warband from Red Box Games – Mother Hermione’s Host. There will be 10 warriors in this warband. No more and no less. Ten will be the number of the Mother Hermione’s Host members and this number will be ten 🙂
So far I painted 3 miniatures: Darren the Mildly Disagreeable, Wry Gary and Farmer Fred. These are rather simple folks but they are backbone of every warband. They fight (and are being killed in most of the times) in the first line.

Mother Hermione's Host
Mother Hermione's Host
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By the way, they are not Greeks 🙂 I just picked this white-blue paint scheme to distinguish them from my other existing and future warbands.

Roboute Guilliman

Sooner or later I had to paint this miniature – Roboute Guilliman, Primarch of the Ultramarines.You can compare this new plastic Games Workshop figure with previously painted (more than year ago) resin Forge World Roboute Guilliman.The previous one had ancient roman look, this one looks more modern. But both are blue with lots of gold ornaments 🙂 And this new mini has even 2 heads that you can swap according to your taste – one bare and the other in helmet.