Nymert, or Daemon Princess of Slaanesh

I’ve been working for a large Slaaneshi-themed project for some time already and I have the opportunity of letting my imagination go out of the box with it. While judging at the Hussar 2016 contest, I found this lovely model at one of the stands.

I immediately knew it would make a perfect addition to the army, because even though originally Nymert looks completely different, I instantly imagined her painted as a larger counterpart of Deaemonettes of Slaanesh! Not quite a daemon prince so maybe a daemon princess? 😉

Demon Princess of Slaanesh (Nymert)

I won’t be writing too much about the model, as you can easily find it in the Pegaso Models range, and my concept was to paint her much like a larger version of the daemonettes I painted a few months ago. My color scheme for them was not quite like the official one, and this one is a slightly modified copy of the same scheme.

I wanted her to look different, more out-of-this world, blending the two aspects you can often see in Slaaneshi models. The sexual or sensual and the scary, dangerous. So when my idea to add something to her belly, like a maw or vagina, was accepted, I went on to add it here. And if you are not sure you can handle it, don’t search for vagina dentata pictures… 😉

Elementary, my dear Watson!

Ok, maybe Sherlock never said that, but it’s cool nevertheless. Hope the miniatures will look cool as well 🙂

Orc Pilot bust WIP

Some time ago I promised you photos of the Orc Pilot bust I’ve been working on. While it’s not finished yet, here are some details about this project:

This model from Kromlech has already received quite a few good quality paintjobs, including the official one by C’Tan, so there was little use in doing the same thing again. I had to come up with my own idea for this bust and… so I did! 😀

My concept

Most painters interpret this model quite literally, as a pilot bust, painted in a pretty realistic way. I decided to go for something quite opposite – instead of making it a realistic bust, I would make it unrealistic. Or maybe not “unrealistic” but rather not a realistic representation of a pilot.

My version will be a statue. One carved in a way that would bring crystal figurines to mind. And, just like with many real monuments, it will have its own pigeons leaving their own, uhm,  “marks” on this impressive sculpt! 😀


I hope the concept explains the style of painting I chose for this model. And if you are interested in owning this model, feel free to contact us while it is still available. 🙂