Meet the Cyber Belles!

Our long-time friend, Tim Jonker a.k.a. Skrit, has launched this interesting Kickstarter project – the Cyber Belles. We think it’s a really cool concept and the models look oh-so-tempting, so we thought it would be nice to spread the news about something we like.

Here’s the link for those of you who are not familiar with the project yet:

The Cyber Belles

There are not many miniatures in this style and theme, so we thought we’ll share some more pictures to show you what you can expect to see there:

Red Belle
Red Belle
Blue Belle
Blue Belle
Yellow Belle
Yellow Belle

Inspiring Art

Even the concept art is so inspiring that it may be difficult to resist backing this kickstarter up! 😉

Cyber Belles: Red Belle

Cyber Belles: Blue Belle

Cyber Belles: Yellow Belle

Good luck to Ouroboros Miniatures from the Chest of Colors team! 🙂

New Kids On The Block

While you might expect to read about the boy band from the 80s/90s, we have to disappoint you. We remain in the realm of miniature painting and instead of listening to catchy songs by NKOTB you will meet our two new team-mates: Kacpero and Rejven.


Kacpero used to be a member of our team already, until more important matters made it impossible to contribute here and to participate in life of our little community. Fortunatly now he is ready to join us again and we’re glad to have him back! He’s already an active participant of our workshops and events, so if you happen to attend to one of them you are very likely to meet him there.


Rejven is an old friend of our team, having worked at one of our local hobby stores and now becoming much more involved in the very hobby of painting miniatures. Definitely geeky enough to be added to our team, he is welcome here and we hope you’re going to enjoy his presence as well.

Without any unnecessary ado, let’s keep fingers crossed for them, so they don’t lose their initial motivation and enthusiasm. And let their works speak for themselves. 🙂

Darmowe warsztaty z techniki NMM w najbliższy weekend! / Free NMM workshops this weekend!

W najbliższy weekend organizujemy wraz z ScaleColor warsztaty na temat malowania techniką NMM.

Zainteresowanych zapraszamy na stronę informacyjną o wydarzeniu i prosimy o zadeklarowanie tam uczestnictwa.

Wstęp darmowy, liczba miejsc mocno ograniczona – decyduje kolejność zgłoszeń.

Warsztaty NMM

On this weekend we’ll have NMM painting workshops in cooperation with ScaleColor.

Please check the webpage about the event and declare your participation there in case you want to attend.

Free admission, number of participants very limited – on a fist come first served basis.