Ancient columns

I continue to paint fantasy terrain accessories. This time I finished 3 resin columns from Secret Weapon Miniatures. Two of them are made as whole and one is in pieces. Thanks to airbrush, it was a fast painjob. After preshading I painted shadows with inks and highlighted the edges. In the end I could not resist to paint some cracks on them to break plain surfaces.


Here is a picture with 28mm miniatures for scale:

(click to see bigger photo)

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  1. Thanks. Here is what I did:
    – spraying the columns with light grey primer,
    – airbrushing with light brown color (tops of all the elements in lighter shade than bottoms),
    – applying several layers of diluted sepia ink mixed with smoke ink in the recesses,
    – drybrushing the edges with yellow/white paint,
    – painting the cracks with light yellow and dark brown thin lines.
    I think that’s all 🙂

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