The 4D Kay project

The 4D Kay project

4D Kay? What is it?

The 4D Kay project  used to be a fan-made conversion of the Warhammer 40.000 universe to 5150 rules.

5150? What is it?

5150 is a sci-fi game from Two hour Wargames. Although it has its own universe, it’s pretty flexible and adaptable to other sci-fi settings. The main feature of most Two Hour Wargames is the chain reaction mechanics – your miniatures react to what’s going on on the battlefield and to enemy actions. They also don’t always do exactly what you want them to – just like in real combat you don’t have total control over your troops, and neither you nor they have a total knowledge of the battlefield and the situation on it. It’s my favorite representation of the fog of war so far. The game is also very enjoyable as a solo or cooperative game. Actually it’s where the game really shines!

Why was this project created?

Because I (and several other contributors) liked the Warhammer 40.000 universe but not so much the rules of that game. Moreover we wanted the game to play and feel more like it is suggested by the background material and fiction. For example the background material says that one space marine is a match for many more human opponents. Unfortunately the WH40K rules don’t allow players to feel it, and we wanted to change it.

Is the project a faithful representation of the current codex books?

No, it is not. It’s by far incomplete and is not a representation of the current books, but of our interpretation of the Warhammer 40.000 universe.

Is it free or do I have to pay?

It’s available for free, and it’s not a commercial project. We don’t want to make any money of it. We did it for the fun of creating the conversion and to allow players enjoy their games even more. Unfortunately this also means the project doesn’t get as much attention as it might deserve, but we can’t do much about it. Sorry, we only have little time for our hobby…

Will it be expanded or updated?

Maybe, but it’s not sure. Currently the original 5150 rules were superceded by 5150: Star Army (larger military actions) and 5150: New Beginnings (smaller games, more like Inquisitor or Necromunda). According to the author, army lists from the original 5150 can easily be adjusted for the new games (especially for 5150:SA), but bear in mind the conversion was written for the previous version.

So can I have the conversion rules now, please?

Sure, here’s all that has been done so far:

Can I contribute or thank you in some way?

Sure, because our time for maintaining the project is limited these days, it doesn’t mean you can’t submit your suggestions here. Feel free to place them in comments or to send them to us via the contact form. You can also share this page with your friends by using one of the social media buttons (thank you!) or maybe even pay a longer visit to our site :)


Most of the project was created by Michal “Mahon” Machowski. Mike Reese reviewed the rules and worked on the rules for orks. More people were involved in the project, but we don’t have the list of collaborators now, so if you’re one of them, contact us, please.

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