Ckaarakk, Tarvax Untain

Here is big and armored bull – Ckaarakk (he has strange name also). I assembled him about 3 years ago, but just didn’t have mood to paint him. Maybe I was a little discouraged by a lot of armor to be painted. Anyway – I finished him and I am glad I did that 🙂

Here is Ckaarakk accompanied by my other miniatures from Formoraic fraction of Darklands world. You can see that he is quite big, even for minotaur.

Formoraic warband

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Adolforc – I don’t mind…

In late 2015 I posted my thoughts or doubts about potentially offensive miniatures and your opinions on that subject. Now, after more than a year I stumbled upon this model from Scale 75:

If you ask me it’s a very interesting model, and the inspiration is obviously clear. It’s not my intention here to judge if it’s subtle or not, but I like the model. I would like to paint it and wouldn’t really mind the reference to the real-world counterpart, who was a genocidal dictator, and thus not a person to look up to.

Yet some of you may feel different about it. And I don’t really find it weird or ridiculous that somebody may feel uncomfortable painting a caricature of a mass murderer.

Still we often paint models depicting characters (real or not) who commit various heinous acts. But for each of us there is a line that we’re not comfortable crossing. It’s a hobby but each of us has their own borders we don’t want to cross to keep the hobby enjoyable.

I would paint this model. I appreciate the sculpt and the potential it offers. Is it too literal? Probably yes, a bit. I understand people who would rather not paint this model.

Yet there’s something that about it that disappoints me. The fact that this model is so literal leaves no room for interpretation. Painting miniatures is a creative hobby as long as the painter has a chance to add some of his own interpretation to the model. And with the very literal and obvious theme here, it leaves hardly any room for creativity. I like it as a 1930s-style orc, and would like to paint it this way. Of there are pirate orcs, why not a military uniformed orc with a funny moustache and hair? But with the insignia and stuff you’re almost pushed to go the particular way unless you want to convert the sculpt. So where’s the space to be filled by the painter’s creative input?

And what are your thoughts about it? Definitely a controversial model, and I think controversies serve models well, but would you paint Adolforc? Or not and why?

Miniature painting weekend – Opole, Poland

Miniature painting weekend in Opole, PL
Opole, PL

This time I met my fellow painters in Opole, so we could spend some time painting things for ourselves during the weekend. 🙂

Tym razem spotkałam się w Opolu  z kolegami-malarzami, żeby przez weekend pomalować coś dla siebie. 🙂

Miniature painting weekend in Opole, PL

Our hosts

Krzysztof Kobalczyk and Michał Gmitrasiuk got us a good room for painting and allowed us to be their guests at their own places. So at the very moment I would like to thank Iwona and Tomek, who managed to survive the locus attack that we were. 😉 These two hearts are for you:

Krzysztof Kobalczyk wraz z Michałem Gmitrasiukiem zorganizowali fajną salę i gościli nas pod własnym dachem. Z tego miejsca pozdrawiam Iwonę i Tomka, którzy jakoś wytrzymali nalot szarańczy. 😉 Dedykujemy Wam dwa serca:

Miniature painting weekend in Opole, PL


I managed to take a peek at Krzysztof Kobalczyk’s way of painting skin, Gimiak’s metallics, mix of grey with grey on Piotrek‘s models, and Kuba’s shading of white.

Udało mi się podejrzeć malowanie skóry w wydaniu Krzyśka Kobalczyka, metaliki Gimiaka, przeplatankę szarości z szarością na modelach Piotrka, a u Kuby cieniowanie bieli.

Miniature painting weekend in Opole, PL Miniature painting weekend in Opole, PL

We painted for a day and a half, so in the meantime I snatched some paints from the boys, as I like to test new products.

Malowaliśmy pòłtora dnia, więc w przerwach podbierałam chłopakom farby, bo lubię wypróbowywać nowe rzeczy.
Miniature painting weekend in Opole, PL

Miniature painting weekend in Opole, PL
You see, I did some painting. Or prefended well 😉

Miniature painting weekend in Opole, PL

And here’s a presentation of the most comfortable painting positions, as presented by us. 🙂

A to prezentacja najwygodniejszych pozycji w naszym wydaniu 🙂

Miniature painting weekend in Opole, PL
Physical exercise for painters

Back in Opole’s past!

The Kubuś milk bar is the best in Opole and we had some Silesian dumplings (a kind of potato dumplings) in one of the breaks – the attraction that Michał organized! Ambience of the Polish People’s Republic was still present there and we enjoyed it, even though the cutlery was not chained to tables. 😉

Bar mleczny Kubuś najlepszy w Opolu i kluski śląskie w przerwie – atrakcja zorganizowana przez Michała! Klimat PRL w dechę, choć obiecanych sztućców na łańcuchu nie było 😉

Kubuś milk bar during miniature painting weekend in Opole, PL
Kubuś milk bar
Miniature painting weekend in Opole, PL
Native creature?

Miniature painting weekend in Opole, PL

Looking forward…

Now Piotrek feels he can bear the burden of organizing the next meeting in Wrocław. 😉

Piotrek czuje, że udźwignie ciężar zorganizowania następnego spotkania we Wrocławiu. 😉